I did write a post in 2018 about future of Hindi IDNs. Please do read , I still have faith in Hindi IDN . I have invested in Hindi IDN with the expectation that Verisign will alias .com to .कॉम soon. I have waited for 4 years but aliasing is still not in pipeline. I have around 140 Hindi IDNs .com. As aliasing is still not in horizon, I am rightsizing my Hindi IDN portfolio to around 50 names. For rest of domains which I am not keeping, I am selling at reseller price. If, you have not invested in Hindi IDN .com, so far, its opportunity to build your Hindi IDN .com portfolio.
List of domains available to acquire is here.

Domain is available for 79 USD each, if you are looking to buy 4 names, price would be 300 USD. Just in case, you want to buy more than 4 names, please make an offer.
All domains are registered at least till January 2023. Please send email to anjan.bhushan (at) litti.com

Contact Me

All my emails are monitored and moderated.If you would like to inquire about any of my domain, best bet is to call me on Whatapp +91-8987609669 between 7 Am to 10 pm IST

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